The posts here deal with expat life in Russia, where to live, where to work and other inns and outs. 

Being black in Moscow
Being black in Moscow: part 2
Home is where you hang your ushanka...
The Moscow and Podmoskove complex
Getting my cast off in Russian clinic hell
The importance of friends abroad
The quirks of the Russian office
Political situation in Russia - the recent protests
What's up with the blog 2012
How I ended up in Russia
How I ended up in Russia (part 2)
Life in the Russian playground
Buying a puppy in Moscow
Russians and their dachas
My three years of blogging in Moscow
Moscow Vs London
Life in Moscow 2013
Russian women - the real deal!
The wonders of driving in Russia
Moscow V Kiev
lessons I learnt launching a web project in Russia
3 things that come up when you're the English guy among a group of Russians
11 must-have Moscow apps 

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