Flowers and thier meanings

Now, Russian women like to receive flowers and are generally into the meanings they carry. Simply chumping into a flower kiosk (of which there are hundreds!) and buying randomly could actually end up with you offending someone. Yes, some Russians really do take it that seriously!

Here are some general rules on flower meanings for the potential Casanova about town:

Blue:            While Light Blue is a symbol of anxiety over problems such as money and health,  Turquoise can mean fulfillment for those with great intelligence.
*Dark Red: Symbolises constancy, continuity and immortality.
*Green:       Expresses joy and optimism.
*Lilac:         Represents a sincere love, without the need for anything in return. It can refer to the     love felt for lovers, family or friends.
*Orange:    A colour that symbolizes the joy and satisfaction for a success already obtained. On a more sentimental note it may also represent a love that has already been consolidated and gratified.
*Red:        Too hot to handle, red is the expression of burning, passionate love, great courage and desire. But beware because it's also the symbol of anger.
*Rose:     The colour Rose (or pink) is a symbol of youth and expresses a new love or admiration.
*Violet:     Expresses feelings of modesty, generosity and humility. The ‘shrinking violet' refers to its symbol of insurmountable shyness.
*White:    Is the symbol of purity, innocence and modesty and expresses a sincere feeling. White can also be used when someone is waiting for news.
*Yellow:  Though commonly associated with unfaithfulness and treason, don't despair if you come home with yellow petals because it can also be the symbol of luxury, pride and success.

And remember: No even numbers (2, for example, means you’re going to a funeral) and preferably no yellow flowers!

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