A guide to spravkas

If you’ve been to Russia for any amount of time, one of the common words you’ll come across is ‘spravka’. It’s basically like a piece of information regarding something. For example a bank spravka may be like a bank statement or a medical spravka might just say that you’re in good health.
A standard medical spravka for the pool or gym will look somrthing like this:

Now Russians love all sorts of different spravkas so I thought I’d do a quick post to inform you of where you can buy medical spravkas as at some point you will almost certainly need one. Of course, in theory this should be allowed, but in practise this is Russia so....
I recently bought a spravka to go to the swimming pool, but for other everyday things you may need one to go to the gym or as part of a work permit. The last place I got one was http://www.spbas.ru/ but I also recommend http://www.cpravki.ru/ as they have lots of different medical spravkas.

But why would I need to by one?
Simply to save time. If you like going to Russian polyclinics, waiting in line with a load of sick people and then dealing with a (more often than not) rude doctor, be my guest. As for me, I don’t like waiting around (as you may have guessed from this post: 5 annoying things about Moscow) so I simply do what I can online.

The costs vary, but a simple gym or pool spravka should be no more than 500 roubles. Once you order it, a courier calls you and you arrange a time and meeting place. You hand over the cash, they hand over the spravka. Simple.

How to get one
You just call up the number on the website, tell them what spravka you need and give them your name (or the name of the person you need the spravka to be for), date of birth, the date you need the spravka to be valid from and delivery address/meeting place. It’s really very simple but if your Russian is bad you can get a Russian friend/wife/husband to do it for you, it only takes a second.  

On a side note
There are many practises in Russia that on paper look good, i.e. a check to make sure everyone visiting the pool or gym has been seen by a doctor and is healthy, registration for foreigners to keep an eye on them etc etc. The reality of why these practises are completely useless is because you can buy or bribe almost anything of anyone thus making the existence of such thing 100% useless. When I buy my work permit, for the price I pay all the medical spravkas are included (there are a quite a few that are needed) and I don’t so much as look at a doctor!
But, that my friends is just the way it is.

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Unknown on May 15, 2011 at 1:17 PM said...

Hi, my name is Penny. one question, I need medical spravka because I will be a volunteer at a orphanage in Porkhov, Western Russia this summer for two weeks. Is there any web site you can suggest ;) I know you already posted two links, but the first is only for swimming pools and I couldnt find the right form in cpravki.ru
Do you think I could buy it even if I am not currently in Russia?
Sorry for this, but your site is the only hint I find in google for meditsinskaya spravka..
Hope you have any suggestions ;) SPASIBO BOLSHOJE

Anonymous said...

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Thanks man!

Lt. Columbo on September 16, 2012 at 9:12 PM said...

glad to help!

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