Moving appartments

They say that moving is one of the most stressful things you can do and I guess the more stuff you have the more true this becomes.
Now I’ve hauled up all my stuff and moved a few times now but yesterday was, dare I say the most stressful move for me.

It started with the driver and the moving truck (normally these are called грузовое такси in Russian and come in different types and sizes). In the past when I moved the driver would always help me move my things and I’d throw in a tip at the end. However, this time the driver wasn’t Russian and when I asked if he would help, he was nice enough to tell me that it would cost me 1000 roubles. Screw that and screw being polite. This pissed me off and I let him know it, mainly because this job would take about 13 minutes between two, but doing it alone ended up taking me 25 minutes and the fact was made no better by the fact that I lived on the 5th floor with no lift.

I was sweaty and angry – a bad combination.
While I happily sweated it out, this douche was stood chatting to some other driver he had obstructed with his van (he could have moved it). The guy he was talking too was a typical Russian быдло (I can’t really describe it to you if you haven’t seen it), taking a complete load of bollocks about his wife, mistress and piece of shit car.
Listening to this moron irritated me further.
Then a third guy joins them and it’s a regular party going on. I think the thing that irritated me the most was then the third guy had the balls to say “are you going to be much longer, he needs to move his car”, to which I replied “I would have been done in 10 minutes if he (pointing to lazy driver) bothered to help me instead of being greedy”.  
I was pissed and couldn’t care less, truth be told I would have happily stood there and argued, the whole thing left me feeling very aggressive and I was happy to show it.

Finally I finished and we left. Normally I chat to drivers along the way as it helps pass time, but not this time. I sat there and read my book and managed to get through 35 pages – time well spent. When I got to the new place my girlfriend helped me and I loaded everything up by the lift and was done in about 15 minutes which was a great time.

The real reason the driver didn’t help was because he was hoping the whole process would take more than two hours (the cost was 1200 roubles for two hours which is a good price) and would get extra money, but the whole thing took one hour fifty minutes (which gave me great satisfaction). I shoved the money through the window at him and that was that.

Ironically, if he had helped me, I would have tipped him. Not 1000 roubles, sure, but something is better than nothing. Sometimes people can’t see the forest through the trees…

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