The oligarch marriage agency

So at about 11 last night I was watching TV and caught some show that, among other sections, had a bit on oligarch marriage agency scams.

My attention was aroused as I can’t get enough of this type of TV.

So the scam basically goes like this: a lady who wants a rich husband goes to the oligarch marriage agency pays from 50000 – 150000 roubles and fills out some forms and talks to a lady who is kindly working her sales-like magic. The promise these women then get is that they will be presented with rich and glorious Slavic males to date and possibly, you guessed it, marry.

Now the best part was, these agencies simply pay some average guys that they find on the interwebz 3000 roubles to go to coffee with these women and pretend to be whatever the woman said she wanted in her agency interview. Later, the agency would report that the rich catch had claimed she wasn’t his type. The roubles are, of course, non refundable.   

Now they had secret camera interviews set up with some potential males and it was really quite disgusting to see the lengths to which these lying cockroaches would go to for 3000 roubles. I mean, what kind of person you must be to make a living or side living out of this. Naturally I started to feel sorry for the poor women.

But then I got to thinking. Hold up a minute, these are educated Russian women (any Russian should be aware of scams, I mean this is Russia we’re talking about) that are paying massive sums of money simply to meet a rich guy and isn’t that just a touch fucked up? I mean, I don’t think that would make for the most stable marriage bas. Sure money is important, but you shouldn’t be with someone for that reason alone.

In the end I guess both parties are as bad as each other.

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Anonymous said...

what was the name of the show? on which channel? and where?


Lt. Columbo on January 6, 2014 at 2:49 PM said...

Well this was many years ago I worte this, but it was a like a news report, not a tv series or anything. if i had to guess, it was probably on NTV

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