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One thing a lot of Russian learners are unsure about is Russian movies. People constantly ask for recommendations and sometimes it can be difficult to find something worth watching. Below is a list compiled by Johanna from the forum thread about Russian movies. All the recommendations come from various Russians and have been organized in a nice table. Again, Credit to Johanna for this one.

Also, I’ll go into a bit of info about VLC and getting it to work with Russian subs. 

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What is it and why should I use it?
VLC is simply a media player that is easy to use and great for downloaded files as it plays almost all files. As downloaded torrents are encoded in different ways, standard players like Windows media and such don’t do the trick.
You can grab the player here.

How to open a movie with subtitles (for Windows)
Firstly, this relates to the latest version of VLC (VLC 1.0.1 Goldeneye), secondly, the subtitles you download will have the extension .srt and should be located in the same folder as the movie they relates to.

So, first you open VLC, click:
Open file
(In the file selection part) click ‘add’ and add the movie file
Check the use subtitles box
Click browse and select the relevant subtitle file (which will be .srt)
Launch the file

How to make the Russian subtitles display properly
Sometimes, in fact most of the time, Russian subtitles don’t display properly and the encoding is messed up. Here’s how to make it work:

Click tools
Click subtitles and indexing (located to the left)
Under default coding, click the drop down menu and select CP1251
If this doesn’t work, experiment with other Russian encodings

How to sync the subtitles
While the movie is playing click:
Select track synchronization
Proceed to tweak the subtitle speed option

Happy viewing!

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Anonymous said...

Another Christmas/New Year classic that Russkie like watching around this time that I enjoyed along with Ironya Sudby and Charodei is Devchata - not about New Year specifically, but just a snowy Soviet Mosfilm rom-com

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