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General rules of engagement
As dumb as it might seem, there are some pretty general things you can say about Russian women as a whole. The first and most obvious point to mention is that things in Russia are more on the traditional side which means, generally, you will be expected to pay for everything, open doors and play the part of a gentleman. 

There are some girls that insist on paying for themselves, I personally have come across two in four years so they are still few and far between. Russian girls are also big into flowers and they are almost expected on a first date, although if you don’t bring any with you it’s not the end of the world (Russians are keen on flower meanings, see here for a guide on getting flowers). It really doesn't take a genius here to guess that looking like a cheap ass will get you nowhere, apart from dry vagina city.

Another thing with Russian women that always makes Western girls feel awkward is their way of dressing up. Most Russian women will not leave home without making sure they have done their makeup and look good. 

Another interesting thing in Russia is that are more women than men, it’s obvious everywhere you look. Where going to many bars and clubs in England reminded me of walking into a sausage emporium, Russia has the reverse sausage effect going for it.

Where to meet Russian girls?
You have your standard option set here and, generally speaking, Russian women are quite open so Russian guys will try and znakomitsa on the street, the bus, anywhere basically. This is hit or miss though and you need balls of steel to do it.

A popular and easy option is the internet. While the internet maybe home to an endless sea of sex villains, it is also a good place to meet Russian women. In Russia, using dating websites really is not a big deal and it gives you the advantage of ratio. A friend of mine used to date up to three girls a week from these websites. 

A note on Russian dating scams
Mainly these concern guys looking for Russian brides on marriage agency websites and not those in Russia on dating websites like the ones mentioned above. Here the rules are very simple and they are: never, under any conditions, send money. That’s it, it sounds simple, but hope has a habit of blinding reason sometimes. 

Quite often young Lena is actually a 47-year old bald man who spends most of his free time pole dancing to trance music in his basement - and you are going to send him your hard-earned dollars

Quite often these scams use students, groups of them, packed into basements, scamming lonely guys. They'll ask for money for their mother's operation etc etc. Don't fall for it, it's probably not even a chick you're talking to.

I've seen some forums where rich, gullible Western guys have been conned by Russian women or fallen into some trap and they are as bitter as they come, seriously, these guys rant on Russian women like you wouldn't believe, but the fact is this: they are suckers and their judgment failed them

If you come to Russia on a wife-hunting tour, utilize your judgment to see when you are being used. If you take a girl out on a date and she asks you to buy her a new mobile phone, I implore you, use some of those brains that allowed to be successful enough in life to afford a dating holiday for $10000 and get shot of her. Don’t become another one of those embittered suckers who ended up losing thousands of dollars.

Russian women and fidelity
Now there are some people that swear that Russian women are all whores and some indeed are, but like anywhere in the world, you have your good and bad women and the only guideline you have is your intuition. I have seen a lot of cheating Russian women in my time and some really do surprise you, for example, one time me and some friends were at a club with a French guy (for the record he was pretty ugly) and he would attack women like there was no tomorrow.

At some point during the night he was dancing up on some girl and tying to make his move when she said: “I can’t, my husband is over there… so let’s go upstairs where he can’t see us”. 

Unfortunately, women can be just as bad as men when it comes to cheating so I can’t really give any golden words of wisdom, apart maybe from меньше знаешь - крепче спишь. And hey, if you do discover that your Russian girl is cheating on you, you could always take the approach that the guy in the picture below did...

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Sarah King on November 24, 2010 at 1:31 PM said...

Russian Women - Believe It or Not - The Best Choice!

Justin said...

The last picture of the guy hanging out the window was actually part of an internet series of "challenges", where people had to create certain scenes, take a photo of it and submit it to a contest. The one you posted simply went viral as most people thought it was real.

You hit the nail on the head with Russian girls though. I lived in Saint Petersburg for 8 months, and just like you, fell in love with Russia and am doing everything I can to get back. But regarding the beauties, I knew flowers were a huge deal (I mean you can buy them 24/7/365 literally everywhere), but I didn't realize they were a first date thing - you have taught me something new sir.

One thing you should add about where to meet girls - English Speaking Clubs. I'm not sure about in Moscow, but at least in Saint Petersburg, every English speaking club but one was run by a Russian, and often times I was the only native English speaker there at the ones I dropped in on. Everyone wants to talk to you and fire off the same routine questions about why you came to Russia, but more importantly they all want to get to know you and you feel like the bell of the ball...and all you have to do is tell the cute one you'd like to meetup with her to practice your own Russian. In Piter, there's not shortage of cuties looking to amp up their English!

Lt. Columbo on August 3, 2013 at 10:19 AM said...

Yeah, there were some quite good pictures in that challenges series. I remember some weird ones of guys in garbage shoots too!

2009 DREAM on December 6, 2016 at 11:12 PM said...
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