A day in the life of a freelance expat

The thing with freelancing is that time passes by very quickly in a haze of internet filth and interwebz surfing. Days magically roll into weeks and weeks into months. Here is one of those days or a friday to be more precise:

I woke up a t 8, as usual, because again, when freelancing you need to set up some sort of rhythm. Three days a week I train at the gym and Friday is the hardest day. So after getting up at 8.13 (something about an extra three minutes in the morning makes all the difference). I crawl out of bed, walk around the flat nude for a bit, check my email, drink my morning tea and have breakfast.   

At 9 I’m out the door and into the pissing-down Moscow rain. About a second after walking into the metro I instantly become boiling hot and my autumn jacket begins to feel like a rubber fetish costume minus the gimp ball. After the usual morning metro faces, six stations and another 15 minutes on foot in the glorious rain, I get to the gym. In all, it takes me an hour to get there, thank god I don’t have to go on public transport anymore or my little journey could take up to 1.30.

Cut to 12.20 and I’m back home. Checked my mail, no work today it seems so I get on with cleaning the flat. Literally like a house wife, I suit up and get busy with the lime scale in the shower. Living the dream baby. A bit later I call my Nan and talk for free (there’s a Skype tariff where you pay like 10 Euros every three months and you can get unlimited calls to landline phones in a country of your choosing).

After downloading and watching the latest episode of the Office US my girlfriend gets back from work and I turn off the computer. Normally we drive to Auchan for some shopping, but yesterday it was not to be. Turns out someone smashed the passenger window of my girlfriend’s car. Super. So a lot of duck tape and bin bags later we have the window taped up.

Other than that we came back, watched a movie and went to bed. Not too eventful, but I’m usually too tired from training to party like a beast on Fridays. Cut to today and we took the car to the garage to get the window fixed. Not the best start to the weekend but shit happens...

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