The joys of finding things in Russia

This is just a short one on how hard and obscure things can be to find in Russia. It’s like the people who own these places almost don’t want you to find them. This can apply to almost any places like clubs, offices or alike but recently it was the official dealer of Optimum Nutrition (a supplement company) in Moscow. Bearing in mind this is the official dealer you would think it would be in some big store that would, presumably, be super easy to find. But alas, this, I have to say, was possibly the hardest place I have ever had to find (even harder than I gym I used to go to that didn’t even have a sign).  
Now I only got there because my friend, who is normally a perversive recluse, knew where it was. The funny thing, it’s only about 10 minutes walk from the metro, if you know where to go. So I just thought I’d post a little picture of where the place is to show you how outrageously obscure it is. 
When preparing to find something in Russia, leave yourself plenty of time to track down that mother.

This was the odd cortyard that housed the building (note the nice totem falace)

off to the right was the door, leading to said dealer, note the advertising 

 and, zoomed in for your pleasure, is the sign for the store called Muscle sport

additionally, once the door was opened the entrance to the store was equally impressive

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