A little trip to the travel agency

So this is just a short one I thought I’d put up to show some of you guys what a Soviet hotel looks like. What, you may ask, lead you to be in a Soviet hotel? Well, basically, me and my girlfriend have booked a holiday to Egypt and the tourist agency was located in this ex Soviet hotel called the Berlin.

I think now it mainly functions as a type of business centre but I’m not sure. As you’d expect from Russia, we had to go down there with hard cash (oh don’t worry, I asked on the phone whether I could just pay by card and be emailed the E tickets to which the answer was, of course, no).

Anyway, standard bollocks ensued, first go to guard, show passport, get security pass and your away. The actual tourist agency was just one of many, many cheap-quality wooden doors. Here’s a couple of pics which I thought I’d share with you readers, but keep in mind that the building was huge so I could only fit in part of it on my camera phone. 

(left) The fantasy love hotel itself            (right) the endless maze of rooms

 Tez tour

and finally, a couple of pictures of the ladies bathroom (which had no TP in it). Dont worry, i wasn't being a sexuial preditor or anything, i just nipped in to snap a couple of shots. 


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Anonymous said...

Where's the rest of the pics from the ladies'? :(

Lt. Columbo on April 18, 2010 at 8:33 PM said...

apart from the toilet stands with no TP, that was pretty much all of the toilets. not a babushka in sight!

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