Russians walking dogs without leads

Before i begin, I got to thinking the other day: are all my posts about Russia negative?  Am I stewing in a Russian river of my own hate juices? I think there’s definitely a pattern, but what the hell, here comes another rant, a mini rant if you will, about dogs and leads (or leashes for the American reader).

Basically I live in an area where a lot of people walk dogs, which is a nice thing and I especially enjoy watching one lady walk her three pugs but that’s beside the point. The bad thing is 90 percent of these dogs are without leads. Is it so freaking hard to lead that thing up?
Walking to the metro the other day I was on edge because some babushka was out with her crazy dog (medium size, but big enough to tear your balls off) who was barking his ass of at nothing and acting crazy. Of course his babushka owner was trying to calm him down and tell him to “come along” to which he was calmly giving her the dog equivalent of the middle finger. But this is to be expected, the majority of dog walkers aren’t exactly Cesar Millan.

Another problem is dogs fighting or dogs attacking kids (of which there have been many cases in Russia, not just among strays), of course, the owners always say that their Bobik (a common Russian dog name) is a nice dog that had never done such a thing in the past or would never be aggressive.

Even if you have a small dog, they should still be on a lead. My girlfriend’s babushka used to have a poodle that was fucking mauled to death by a bigger dog in a park. Apparently a bigger dog went crazy and the owner just seemed to find it funny and didn’t lift a damn finger to stop his dog.
Unfortunately, there are plenty of asshole dog walkers out there and I even saw one today.

Me and my girlfriend were driving back from her parents place and about to park while some drunk (or drugged up) guy was out with his young puppy that was zigzagging around the yard near our block of flats. The fucking thing almost zigzagged right under the wheel of my girlfriend’s jeep.
And what would have happened then? I would have no doubt had to have left the car, tried to explain to the drunken retard that his puppy should be on a lead which would almost certainly have led to me having to fight the guy. Is that really what I need on a Sunday afternoon, a potential whopping from a drunk Russian? No sir.     

Do yourselves a favour if you have dogs you walk, leash those badboys up and keep an eye on other peoples’ dogs. Why a lot of people walk dogs without leads is a mystery to me, as are a lot of Russian peculiarities (like why a lot of them simply refuse to wear sun cream on holiday). What can I say, умом не понять!  

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