Down and out in moscow

So it’s been awhile since my last dance into blog land, but I’m back now – more impoverished and bitter than ever!

Coming back this time I was greeted with three problems straight out of the gate: finding a new place, getting work sorted, buying my next visa. I’m working my way through this now, although I have to say, my state of mind could be better off.

Finding a place
So as some of the three regular readers may know, I split with my girlfriend that I was living meaning it’s time to find a new place.
Initially I was worried that she would destroy all my stuff in some sort of mad female rage fire, but luckily, she didn’t.
Coming back, as I mentioned above, I’ve been living in my friend’s shoe box which, in itself, is no big deal, were it not for the fact that my friend is a 40 year-old neat freak, we have to share a room and he is a borderline sex addict...

This means I need to find a place to stay while he mercilessly porks his way through skank land online.
The flat is ok, the bed, or rather dustmatress, that I sleep on is serviceable but the building is pretty shit and the lift is one of those shit boxes that hasn’t been repaired for 40 years and that will, like it or not, kill you one day.

                                      This was the actual staircase from Staircase to heaven
                                The lift (shame there is now scratch and sniff on this blog) 
                                                      Comrade,  prepare for sexuial assult
But getting back to business, I found a place on in the flatmates section which I’ll be moving into on the 16th so I already have that one goal taken care of, although the real monster is work.

Getting work sorted
Well here in lies the real problem for me.
I arrived back to find that everyone I have any form of interaction with is on fucking holiday and none of them told me. This means money going out and none coming in.
So here I am with all this information and price lists etc for my new boss and she’s off getting a sweet tan somewhere while I wither away from the heat in this shoe box.
Also, to cover my rent ill need to get some more teaching work and fast. I have an interview set up for next week but I don’t know what sort of client base the company has and how much I’ll be able to get, of course, things with my other  job may go well and the teaching won’t be such of a big deal but who knows.
As of right now though, my savings will not hold for long and things pretty much need to go according to plan here, if not, I’m totally screwed and may find my ass on the next plane back to England.
Fingers crossed on this front.

The work visa
Now, my current business visa is good for three months which means I’ll need to get busy on the work visa real quick. The problem here is cash. I’ll need to pay 15000 upfront with my documents, but what with my upcoming rent and temporary shit fuck with work by doing this, I may run completely out of money. I’ve decided to wait a week until I get some things sorted before fork up the babki, the problem is the whole drawn-out bullshit processes can take up to 4-5 months, depending on what ineffective laws are changing on a weekly basis.
This means, I’ll end up shipwrecked and wheel spinning in England again after three months at the mercy of the purchased work visa.
Of course, if things with this job do go like shit, which they very well may, I think I’ll have to say adios to Moscow.

Watch this space...

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Anonymous said...

Shit, seems like turbulent times. I'm off to Russia come September, I hope shit goes a bit more shoothly.

Guess the wasteland from June - September is always a tough one to get through though. I'm sure in a few months everything will pick up.

Good luck with it man. I'll be pissed if you go back to UK and have no shit left to write about.

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