A strange, yet pleasant supprise

Well this is just a short one I thought I'd hammer out real quick...
So I'm sat in my new place, on the floor, smashing my way through all seasons of Mad Men while I wait for some news from my boss-to-be. Here I should state that my state of mind is somewhat precarious as It's been 2 weeks with no pay (all my lessons are on holiday too) and I have no idea as to whether this lady, in whose business venture I have invested my faith, has her head up her ass. 

I'm sure that, as usual, I will have put all my eggs in one great big retarded basket and the result will be the usual - me getting rammed by the almighty fist of Russian justice.

Now, I'll let that image sink in and get to the point.
While looking to see who's been visiting, I noticed a link to a site which I took a look at.
The site is called InProNas - иностранная пресса о нас, and there, to my supprise, there was one of my articles translated into Russian (I actually really liked the translation).

So my posts that are so often written in my underpants and fueled by rage, are being secretly translated into Russian - who'd have thought it!
I also found a Russian review of my blog on some weird site a while back too, again, a strange but nice supprise. 

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Anonymous said...

It's strange the things you can dig up on Google Analytics and the like. I love spying on my handful of viewers, makes me feel like some KGB god, muahahaa.

Lt. Columbo on July 24, 2010 at 10:13 PM said...

I love the idea of this invisable army of bloggers trawling through their visitor logs.
I also feel like some kind of secret agent, just one with no money lol

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