A slight change in getting business visas

Well here I am, crafting another fine blog post for the 2-3 super-awesome people that follow my blog. I'll keep you in mind when I reach blogger super-star status and start making the big bucks, but in the mean time, I’m actually writing this from work, the office none the less! A first for me, slaving in the field of tears - Russian style.
I would go off on a tangent about efficiency here and whatnot, but I’m going to get right down to business. The filthy business of...

This is nothing ground breaking, but I thought it would be worth mentioning since I guy I know from New Zealand recently got refused a visa because of it.
Basically, now you need to make sure that when you write/have you business invitation letter written, you must and I stress, must mention somewhere the inviting party (i.e. the weird fake company that gives out the invitation). Before, this wasn't essential. 

Before I never included it and everything was fine and so it was this time, but I made sure I included it.
You just need to say that you will be visiting this organisation.
I'll be uploading a template of a business letter I use myself from a company that sort of doesn’t exist, you can use it as a template and change it around, although you'll need to make a nice header so it looks like company paper.

Again, this seems like nothing, but this guy from New Zealand I know, got refused, so keep it in mind.
When I asked him about his rejection, he had his panties all in a twist and was ranting that: "Now you need solid proof that your company is somehow linked to the inviting party on the visa. How the hell am I supposed to prove that?!" 

We’re talking a real river of tears here, but of course, he doesn’t know Russia so well. That fact is, this 'solid proof' was just mentioning the address on the invitation evaded him. 

Don’t forget, Russian bureaucracy likes it when all the boxes are ticked, what is actually in those boxes is of little coincidence, it's the way the mindset works. Trust me. 
Hell, one phone call to any number I ever listed would be enough to debunk my ass right there, but again, the important fact is that a number is present.

                                                               And i do mean any number

Before you get your visas, always check with your visa agent of any rule changes and get the best advice possible.
If you're in Moscow and need an invitation, you can save some money, get it done here and simply bring it back to your home country and get it processed, that way you won’t need to pay for the express invitation service (if it’s urgent). Also, you can get a nice letter with a blue stamp saying that you are going to be visiting the inviting party.

A good place I use for this in Moscow is visa house (http://www.visahouse.com/), they answer e-mails all the time, great communication, speak English and they do registration too. In fact, you get a visa of an invitation they supply, then the first registration for three months is free. That’s right, a sweet deal in Moscow. Also, they can send it to you in pdf which, as we all know, saves that trip on metro and foot to their office. Hell, saved me time and money today!

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