First post of 2011!

Well I’ve managed to get around to updating the blog, finally! (sadly not the first time I've opened a post with that line)
I’m enjoying the Russian holidays from work right now and thought that, being back in the UK until the 16th(I get until the 16th while I get my new visa processed, since the Russians aren’t working here until the 11th, it gives me a bit of extra holiday).

I  thought I'd be a prolific blogging machine, but that sure aint the case. Every time I’d be planning a post, something would come up. Like 10 pages of translation the other day (nothing like sweet, tax-free, work-on-the-side dollars, or roubles to be more specific). Even today I got some other work in, but I’ll take care of this post first!

I thought that I’d blast out a small entry on how my New Years went down, seeing as my other ‘cool’ blog ideas are all scribbled down on a piece of paper which is lying on my room floor in Moscow…

It stated out with me going to work - already a bad start, although I didn’t really care.
After I went in and did what I needed to do, I could have just gone home at 12.00, but I figured that seeing  as I don’t get much done at home (pleasure myself, weep and repeat ) I’d just stay at work at get stuff done. At that point I was wondering what awesome plans people had for seeing in 2010. One of my friends was going to be out with his devushka somewhere and my other friend that was left in Moscow was going to be with his devushka and a husband and wife militsia tag team

                                                    just like this, just with more corruption

Being some weird fifth wheel at a party like that was just something I couldn’t handle, I mean, I fucking hate the militsia as much as a Russian from Moscow hates a Russian from anywhere other than Moscow, an vice-versa.  
Although I was amused when a Russian girl I work with called and we had the following exchange, I won’t translate it, 1 because I’m lazy and 2, consider it Russian practice:

- как будешь новый год отмечать?
Ну друг вот предложил мне с ним, своей дувушкой и парочкой муж-жена милиционеров отметить, нo нафиг я буду с мусором отмечать
- мы брат милицонер...

I was amused by this. But still, grateful as I was for the invite, being the odd one out where there are couples around was never my bag, especially when one couple was militsia. I could imagine them being drunk and then the head militsia husband forcing me at gunpoint to film him and his weird wife do horrible sex acts, while he threatened to tear up my registration.

So the day rolled on and I rolled home at about 5 or 6. Still having no idea what to do, I watched an episode or ancients behaving badly on youtube and had a nap. Woke up, still no plans. Decided to go to the bar and see what was up, I though maybe it might be really great with Russians getting all festive and whatnot.
But unfortunately, this was the scene I arrived to:

One of my friends from England was there and i chatted to him for a bit before he left for some club that he had pre-ordered a ticket for, he invited me to join, but at 4000 roubles per ticket, i decided not to go. I thought maybe things would liven up. They didn’t.  So I had some food, watched the president’s speech, listened to the anthem and headed home.

Fortuity I suppose, my crazy flatmate had her friends round and the kitchen was bumping. Oh how they love that kitchen!
Although my flatmate is on the crazy side, her friends are relatively normal, despite them being producers and the like, generally what you would call ‘creative’ types.

The vodka shots flowed, the guitar was being strummed and classic Кино songs were sung. Generally I managed to get quite drunk and have a pretty good time. I floated back to my room at about 6am and all over, New Year’s wasn’t so bad.

So a late happy new year!  I’m going to be trying to get back and be a bit more regular on the blogging, that’s my NY resolution. 

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