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I wonder as I write this introduction: just how much structure will there be to this rant I am about to embark on? Not much, that’s for sure.
This time around, instead of systematically offending all Russian men by comparing them to a Warner Brothers 1950s cartoon character, I will be slamming Russia Today.

Now, I’ll give my usual little disclaimer: I don't think everything they produce is shite, some of the non-politically related stuff can be interesting and occasionally they’ll have some decent enough reports and whatnot. Plus their Russian staff has superb English.

But with all that cloying praise said, the three or so people that are reading this may then wonder - what is this blogger’s problem with RT?

The smugness that some of their presenters exude baffles me. I watch in disbelief, but I also read in disbelief. Even in some of the rambling, super biased articles they write, I can taste the smug coming through the screen. I can almost see the author, working away (possibly on his laptop in Starbucks), armed with nothing more that shit-eating grin that could totally wipe out the competition at SmugFest 2011

the competition doesn't stand a chance

Now, I may ramble on about what is, essentially, pure bollocks most of the time, and the adage about opinions and assholes is as true as ever, but at least I don’t do it on a state-run news website.
As another point, there are a few people from RT that work where I do, two are ok, but one that used to work here was, hands down, one of the biggest, insurmountable cock suckers I have ever met in my life. He was one of the ‘special’ types of people that you come across every now and then that you want to punch. It was ultra smugness, ultra arrogance with some rich mummy’s boy thrown in for good measure - very violence-inducing.
As another point, I sit opposite a guy who used to work there and he is fine and normal and cool to chat with, which is probably why he left...   

The other thing I find ridiculous about RT is some of their political pieces, especially ones that concern foreign policy and the US. I don't live in fairy land and I do understand that all media represents a certain agenda, that’s fine and dandy, but the absolutely blatant America bashing on RT is like something from another planet.
I mean, Jesus, at least be subtle about it. How are you supposed to subvert me and brain wash me if you are sooo obvious about it? I am all for the ‘other perspective’, But where is the other scathing Russian perspective? Strange, I don’t seem to see it, hmmm, I seem to recall there is a name for that, oh yes, there it is;
                                                                 hello there double standards

And I’m not even an American lover or anything, I really don't care that much, I’m just saying, present your point of view and sculpt your bias in a more professional way (unlike I am doing right now). It just makes their whole agenda look convoluted, confused and unprofessional. But this is a blog, so fuck my advice on this occasion.

And another point, I wonder what world some of journalists there live in. You see headlines and columnist post like this all the time: US has become fascist state, 5 reasons why the US debt deal still means America is screwed (totally non-biased, right), US imperialism this and that etc etc.

I stagger when I read them, I mean, did these imbecilic fucktards forget what country they are living in? HELLO???!! freedom of speech? By that do they mean the Vladimir Putin 24 love-fest that is RT? What about how the government took over NTV in a corporate raid (standard business practice over here btw), how was that for fascism and freedom?
Didn’t see any overtly-biased pieces on that on RT, but if the same shit went down in America, it would be like a freaking wet dream for the morons that work there. field day of the century. I can see the headline American government oppressing media - land of the once free!!

Don’t misunderstand me, we all have things we like about living in Russia, but let’s wake the fuck up. It’s one of the most corrupt countries in the world with politicians robbing it dry every day. As for the numerous and various digs against America yada yada yada - tell that to a drunken Russian police officer next time he tries to beat your ass, plant drugs on you or extort a bribe from you.

Then write an article about it.

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Anonymous said...

I thought they were quite good at the until the anti western bullshit kicked in.Unbelievable.

Lt. Columbo on March 10, 2014 at 5:32 PM said...

the comment sections are a mess too, really appalling

Anonymous said...

"I thought they were quite good at the until (...)" No, they were not.

All of this is moscow propaganda masterpiece. It was never better. Because soviet propaganda target were poor russian citizens. Now it is western dumb fucktard who know shit about at least XX century history and will absorb everything that has a alternative non mainstream media sticker. Good post :)

Anonymous said...

They've really got to work on their university system; their flagship Moscow University is ranked fairly low. No wonder why the country is filled with brainwashed homophobic bigots.

Anonymous said...

I rather loathe the comments section of any RT youtube video. Stunning circle jerk of uneducated homophobic bigots. Standard underbelly of the interwebz.

Lt. Columbo on August 9, 2014 at 12:43 AM said...

dont forget the conspiracy theory nuts too. it's probably the most disgraceful comment section on all of the internet, and that's saying something

Unknown on December 6, 2015 at 10:57 PM said...

Since ,Sadly , I do not speak Russian, I can not say wether ALL Russian press is 80% inaccurate and "shite"... but the English language RT and TASS or 80% targeted at the brainless, ignorant "foreigner" who already hates "The West" (what ever that is). I like what you wrote here in your blog. You were careful to point out your BIAS and I am to saying OUT LOUD (unlike) RT - that I have a strong opinion the Russian English press is pure crap. Practically written by Putin himself. Shameful in the worst way. This is not to say that the English press in places like the UK, US , France and other places are super accurate but clearly they are making a weak effort to tall the news and not dictate how they would LIKE to see the news appear ala RT. Western news is excellent accept for the sad fact that we have lots of bad actors like Rupert Murdoch who run shit like Sky News and Fox News which is just plain propoganda like Putins info machine. You have to read five or six news papers these days if you want to get close to the truth truth.

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