Blogs and sites to check out

I decided to add a section and include some links to useful/entertaining blogs.
If you have a suggestion, or want me to add your site in (pending the Caesar thumbs up), drop me a line.

DuoLingo - Probably the best language learning app out there, and it's free! Russian is in beta, but you need this in your life, like, right away

LinguaLift - These guys use an interesting space repetition algorithm that some Harvard wizard came up with to optimise your Russian acquisition. They have a free trial, so give it a whirl 

Steps to fluency - This is my semi monster post, breaking down all the learning strategies I used to become fluent enough at Russian that Russians think I am Russian (despite my lack of mullet!).

Omniglot - An excellent resource for language lovers. Musings on language, linguistics and related topics

A startup offering all kinds of unique tours in Moscow and Saint Petes. Climbing rooftops, exploring underground caves, visiting abandoned buildings or just cruising monuments with a guide. In English and Russian in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. 

Crazy Russians and an Englishman 
A blog written with possibly more balls than another other created by my friend / local expat hermit.

Learn Russian online
A site full of helpful stuff for those learning Russian

Master Russian

Another top resource for Russian learners. I was a member on the forum there for like seven years. It's a good place with a good community  


A neat site for language learners with Russian language word games, quizzes and more. Check it out

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You need this book in your life

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