Russian women - the real deal

After years spent in the Russian love trenches that are Moscow, I decided it was time to take another look at Russian women. Much has been said on this topic and aside from vodka, hilarious bears in fez hats riding unicycles, hot women are another thing Russia is best known for.

One thing many men forget when googling Russian women is that they are WOMEN. Aside from cultural differences , woman are still women all over the world and there is nothing particularly magical or stereotypical about Russian women.

                                                                     Well, apart from their hotness

Remember - Russian women are more traditional

They are traditional in the sense that gender roles are more fixed - think america in the 50s. This doesn't mean that Russian women are timid, opinion-less home-cleaning drones, it just means there is a stronger male/female balance.

This balance is changing, but for the moment, Russian women still like their man to be manly

                                                                             Putin knows what's up

As a man, things will be asked of you - you'll be expected to be the breadwinner, take charge of situations and fix all manner of shit when it breaks - cars, plumbing, you name it. 
If you have a penis, you must fix stuff and carry heavy things.

Basically, for Russian women you must be strong like Arnold, rich like Gates and gentle like a hipster poet, cranking out soothing lyrics on a Macbook pro.

Fortunately, there are only like 50 men left in Russia, so women have mastered the fine art of settling for less. After all, Putin can't be with all Russian women at once.

If you can live up to at least some of your male functions, you will be fed and 'looked after'.  This is good, although I've seen it turn plenty of Russian dudes into massive babies that can fight and drink, but flip out when 'mummy' hasn't prepared any food.
It's hilarious and sad at the same time.

                                          Wedding bells

The next thing you might like to know about Russian girls, is that they are usually big on getting married young, by Western standards anyhow (if you know Russian, you can read more here).
If you're 25 and unmarried, your ovaries are like a ticking time bomb and society has deemed you 'almost old'. Like a lot of things, this will most likely balance out in coming years, but I don't know whether Russian women will turn into Carrie Bradshaws any time soon.

With this in mind, don't be surprised if you are dating a younger girl who is hell-bent on marriage. If you are looking to meet a slightly more mature Russian female, don't despair statistics show that most are divorced by age 27-30 and are ready for round 2! 

But shit, who said a touch of jaded was a bad thing?

                        Russian girls are easy to approach 

Perhaps this is a natural consequence of meeting ladies in different countries, but I've found Russian girls/women generally easy to approach and get talking too (this could be because of my stupidly ridiculous good looks).

This doesn't mean there's a tendency to put out quickly, it just means starting conversations in various contexts is no big deal. Perhaps it's a cultural thing, but Russian men and women seem to be pretty straight-up in conversation. Often when dealing with a girl there seems to be less 'game' playing.
If you get a number here (the ones from the bathroom stalls don't count!) you are far more likely to get a response. In the West, sometimes girls give out those precious digits so guys will go away or not be offended but I haven't encountered any of that in Moscow.

So, in closing, women are women and Russians just play a bit more of a traditional game. The best news for men (especially us foreign guys) is that here, there are more women than men and just like in any market, it raises the value of the existing product. It's the law of scarcity played out in all its beauty and the reason why you see so many fat mullets shooting way out of their league.

but can you handle the competition?

Oh, and if you want some actual tips on meeting women and whatnot, you might want to check out this post - The Global Seducer Guide on Finding a Girlfriend in Moscow - while the site name might rustle a few jimmies, the content is on point for Russia 

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Anonymous said...

this could be because of my stupidly ridiculous good looks))) - Aesome

Anna on October 15, 2013 at 9:27 AM said...

A nice write-up. A proper primer that avoids sexism while staying true to the often-stereotypical reality of Russian gender relations.

Lt. Columbo on October 15, 2013 at 10:48 AM said...

Thanks Ana, I try to stay away from the sexism dark side whenever possible!

Anonymous said...

Well ,the point is that russian women are generally well educated and would like to grow in life.At the same time they take care about all practical parts at home and also of their husband's matters.russian men and women dont really have anything to talk about to each other thats why the conversation is straight forward and its difficult to find a subject to talk about.Russian men dont do anything around the house or practical things for their wifes and kids.They work and you see them now and then.If you call it Real Men ...o.k.but I call them lost souls.

Anonymous said...

In reply to Anonymous:

Russian men don't help for two reasons:

1) they were raised by Russian woman so therefore over-mothered learning very little discipline or respect so when they get married they need a "mummy replacement"


2) The idea that the man is "the man of the house" is a myth in Russia. A woman just wants him to be manly but the house is "hers!" I have seen on so many occasions, including myself because i have a child here, that when the man tries to help, it's always wrong. Always wrong. When it comes to raising the kids, generally speaking, it is the mother's way. I am an intelligent person and want the best for my child but it really is an uphill struggle when the mother and relatives do the opposite as what i see best. So, (not in my case) the man thinks "Why bother then?" Not only with kids, but with everything else. I have seen "oh you never help around the house!" So the man helps, and then it's "Oh you're not doing it right. Stop, i will do it!" So the man thinks "why bother!"

So we must remember that Russian men are raised by Russian women. The girls here despise the very thing that they raise into an adult!

Lt. Columbo on April 5, 2014 at 6:35 PM said...

very valid points there - especially about them needing a mummy replacement.

I can imagine the kid upbringing thing being an issue, i'm determined to have my say on it when the time comes!

what are you doing to make sure your child speaks decent English? anything in particular?

Anonymous said...

the girls here despise the very thing they raise? oh yes. true male solidarity - just blame it on the women! when I was in UK I saw some crazy drunk girls who behaved in a disgusting way, were obnoxious and rude. I blame their mothers, not the dads. And most of all I blame the girls themselves. can you imagine women being serial alcoholics, leaving the family for a lover, dumping the kid on the ex husband and then just say "I blame it on my dad. he was to overprotective so now I have an exuse to be a bitch for the rest of my life and just blame it on the men". such thing wouldnt even be possible since women are always held accountable for their own mistakes - in any society. men seem to always find excuses. in Russia us girls are also blamed for all of our men`s mistakes.
most guys I met growing up in Russian province had loving caring moms who were overprotective simply because there was no other way to make sure your kid survives. with playgrounds filled with drunks and drug users, roads being broken and unsuitable to even ride a bike with your son, Russian army being a place of torture and rape for 18 year old boys - there is simply nothing a woman can do to raise a man to be a man and give him indepenance in this fucked up country without risk. she will have to be over protective but even if she isnt, even if she is a perfect mom there is still the drinking lazy bald dad with a bulging belly - a great example for russian boys. dont do anything son. come and watch football with me. let mom do the cooking/cleaning you must not help, you are the man, men dont do this, we have women for that.

Anonymous said...

as for the family being more involved when neccessary, all I can say is russian men must choose a wife wisely. when you marry a woman you marry her family so it would be nice if instead of looking for a chick with the biggest boobs they would look for a woman with the right kind of personality (but what russian guys ever care about personality with all the hot meat they see around them? none. plus all that man slutting does have a karmic payback for most men)
ending this long and bitchy rant all I want to say is that after 2014 I wanna hear no more excuses from our men. fucking up ukraine, a european country just in order to plunge russia back to soviet times -well done russian boys! I no longer have the will to search for "the right one". in fact I refuse to reproduce and give birth to a baby by one of those orks. a war with ukraine and a totalitarian state in russia - thats a bit too mucn even for our patience. russian men may have found an excuse to drink and abuse their wives but this one goes too far to be excused. they are oficially the biggest suckers in europe. my congratulations.

a bitter and broken Russian girl.

Lt. Columbo on October 8, 2014 at 1:29 AM said...

well i have to say, that was quite the viewpoint, although i can definitely see your points - esp about the the drinking lazy bald dad with a bulging belly. shit dads definitely need a blasting too

i wish you luck in finding a non-Russian variant

Phenix2013 on October 23, 2014 at 3:05 AM said...

Hilarious write-up! Kudos, mate! :-)

Lt. Columbo on October 23, 2014 at 8:01 PM said...

thanks, Phenix!

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in a Russian women needs to thoroughly read this and not gloss over a single sentence. I would say .. Don't be surprised if you feel like a robot or just a piece of furniture .. Your job is to get things and money. That's it. Don't expect much conversation, if any.
You will need to find European women friends if you need to talk to women.
And don't ever expect her to be at all interested in your problems or emotions. Hers are the only ones that count. Sex will be the best you've ever had, except don't expect blow jobs or anything taboo.

Lt. Columbo on February 9, 2015 at 4:27 PM said...

Well, i don't know about the last point, in my single days i was breaking every possible taboo with Russians chicks on a weekly basis ;)

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